Event location

The Visitor Center of Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste offers 3 spaces for rental: 

Brouwtoren (50p) - Taproom OMER. (40p) - Taproom LeFort (40p)


Our event locations are available from Monday - Friday until 10PM. Rental possible for groups of 10 to 50 people.


Monday8 AM - 10PM
Tuesday8 AM - 10PM
Wednesday   8 AM - 10PM
Thursday8 AM - 10PM
Friday8 AM - 10PM


Available services

The equipment below is available in the various rooms:

Brouwtoren (max. 50p):

  • 4 high tables + 25 bar chairs
  • Projection screen + beamer (HDMI / VGA connection + Chromecast)
  • Wireless microphone + amplification
  • Installed bar with fridges and taps
  • Terrace with beautiful views
  • WiFi

Taproom OMER. (max. 40p):

  • Installed bar with fridges and taps
  • Tables + chairs
  • WiFi

Taproom LeFort (max. 40p)::

  • Installed bar with fridges and taps
  • Tables + chairs
  • WiFi


For catering we work together with our professional food partner. Various options are possible, ranging from a generous breakfast buffet or a quick lunch to a walking dinner! For more information: contact us so we can send a proposal tailored to your wishes.


Would you like to receive more information about our event locations or would you like to make a reservation? Contact us by phone or e-mail.