Kriek Max bottle + glass web 2021

Kriek Max

Fruit beer with 25% natural cherry juices!

Alcohol degree: 3,5%

Recommended pouring temperature: 4°C

Bottle contents: 25cl

Keg content: 20L

Taste: Vanilla, almond

Aroma: Fruity, smell of cherries

Appearance: Cherry red, light pink foamhead

Kriek Max is brewed with beer of spontaneous fermentation (lambic). The perfect combination of 25% natural cherry juices and the lambic, gives the beer not only its excellent taste but also its pleasant scent.

Served in its specifically chalice-shaped glass on an elegant base, Kriek Max is the max for the real cherry beer lover! Or serve it with ice cubes in the modern Max On Ice glass!

World's Best Kriek
In 2011 Kriek Max was voted World's Best Kriek at the WBA (World Beer Awards).