Frequently asked questions

You can find the nearest sales point here!

Our beers are best kept in a dark room, at a temperature under 15°C. The bottles are also preferably kept upright, especially for the beers of top fermentation with refermentation in the bottle. You also consume them as fresh as possible.

Ofcourse! You can contact us on or use the contact form.

That depends on various factors, but each request is dealt with. You can go to the Sponsoring page for this.

For all information related to food allergens in our beers, we refer you to the document that was specially prepared for this.

The bottles that are used by some Trappist breweries, are almost identical to the bottles used in our brewery. The only difference is a small reliëf drawing in the glass with the Trappist logo. Sometimes, this bottle is not filtered out by our inspection machine. Don't worry, the bottle has been inspected on all other aspects (such as sterility, hygiene,...), and is completely safe. The beer in the bottle is an OMER. with the same high quality as all the other OMER. bottles. Cheers!

The OMER beer. Traditional Blond has a maximum shelf life of 18 months. However, we recommend drinking this beer as fresh as possible!