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Cuvée Des Jacobins

100% pure foederbeer - Flanders Sour

Alcohol degree: 5,5%

Recommended pouring temperature: 4-6°C

Bottle contents: 33cl

Keg content: 20L

Taste: Sour, balanced

Aroma: Vanilla, cocoa, sour cherries

Appearance: Dark red, light white head

Cuvée des Jacobins is a 100% foeder beer, an undiluted lambic that has been matured in oak casks for 18 months. The beer has a robust character but a very attractive and sophisticated content with an aftertaste of vanilla, dried cherries and cocoa. This is a complex but very balanced sour beer.

At the Brussels Beer Challenge 2013, the beer wins a silver medal and at the World Beer Awards 2014, Cuvee des Jacobins wins a gold medal.



Jacques in Paris, the famous Dominican monastery that was built in 1218 to house pilgrims on their way to Compostela. This monastery was situated in the Rue des Jacobins.

Omer Rémi Vander Ghinste (the first Omer) stayed there for a short time during the First World War, and while there, he had the idea to use the name for one of his beers.

125 years earlier, French revolutionaries (known as Jacobins) got their name because they used to meet in this street after the French Revolution.