LeFort Sour Oaked: a marvelous blend of LeFort and lambic beer


Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste has been passionate and experienced in the art of blending foeder beer for 5 generations. It's in our DNA. LeFort Sour Oaked is the result of many years of perfected blending knowledge of our master brewers.

LeFort Sour Oaked is a blend of LeFort (top-fermented beer) and lambic (spontaneous-fermented beer, which is aged for 18 months in oak casks). The beer has a fruity caramel character with a slightly acidic dry touch.

The roasted taste coming from the dark barley malt, goes hand in hand with the slightly sour fresh taste, typical to foeder beer. The well-known LeFort flavor takes over and forms the basis of this carefully balanced blend.

Foodpairing suggestions: 

  • Starter: Grilled Langoustines with herb oil
  • Main course: Argentinian Rib-Eye with Chimichurri and confit new potatoes
  • Dessert: Chocolate mousse of black chocolate (min. 70%) and red fruits such as juniper berries, raspberries, ...